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Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP)

Basic Information

HS code:29173400
Appearance: Transparent liquid , no suspended substances

Descriptions & Applications

Di octyl phthalate (DOP) is the most common of the class of phthalates which are used as plasticizers, accounting for an almost 54% market share in 2010. It is the diester of phthalic acid and the branched-chain 2-ethylhexanol. This colorless viscous liquid is soluble in oil, but not in water. DOP is a High Production Volume Chemical.
Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP) is an important general type primary plasticizer mainly used in the prosessing of PVC resins,and can be used in the processing of chemical fiber resins,acetic acid resins,ABS resins,rubber,also used in producting paint,dye,dispersant etc.
General grade DOP :widely used in plastic,rubber,paints and emulsifier industries and plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of leatheroid, agricultural film, packing materials and cables.
Electrical grade DOP :has excellent electrical insulating property and widely used in the production of wires and cables.
Foods grade DOP: mainly used in the manufacture of packing materials for food.
Medical grade DOP: mainly used in the manufacture of medical and sanitary products.

Product Specification

Item Index
General grade Electrical grade Foods grade Medical grade
Appearance Transparent liquid , no suspended substances
Purity ≥ % 99.5 99.5 99.5 99.5
Density (20℃)g/cm3 0.983-0.985
Acidity(mgKON/g) 0.07 0.05 0.05 0.02
Water content,% ≤ 0.1
Colour(Pt-Co) 40 40 20 20
Refractive index (20℃/D) 0.486-1.487
Viscosity (20℃) mpa.s 77-82

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