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Diocty Adipate (DOA)

Basic Information

HS code:29171290
Appearance: Transparent liquid with no suspended substances

Descriptions & Applications

Dioctyl Adipate, also known as DOA, is a light colored, oily liquid. It is flexible at low temperatures, has good electrical properties,good resistance to weathering, and good stability to heat. Uses: To produce clear films to food packaging.
Diocty Adipate (DOA) is an excellent cold-resistant plasticizer,it has plasticized high efficiency,low volatility,it is applicable for Polyvinyl Chloride,vinyi chloride copolymer,polystyrene ,and synthetic rubber and other resins it can let product bearing excellent softness of cold-resistant,light-resistant,light-fastness,it is Particularly applicable together with DOP,DBP to production cold-resistant farm film,,frozen food packing film,.electrical wire & cable’s clad ,leatheroid,plank,outer door water hose etc.When using as paste it has low initial viscosity,good viscosity stability, many countries allow this plasticizer to be used as food packing material such as USA, France, Italy ,Japan,Holland etc.

Product Specification

Item Index
Premium grade First grade Salable grade
Appearance Transparent liquid with no suspended substances
Ester Content % ≥ 99 99 99
Density (20℃)g/cm3 0.925-0.927
Acid Value mgKON/G≤ 0.01 0.01 0.02
Flash Point,℃  ≥ 195-198
Moisture,% ≤ 0.1
Chroma platinum-cobalt number ≤ 30 50 120

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