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4A –Zeolite

Basic Information

CAS: 1318-02-1

MF: 2(SiO2)•Al2O3•Na2O•4-4,5(H2O).
MW: not applicable
EINECS: 215-283-8
HS code: 284210
Appearance: white powder

Descriptions & Applications

Zeolite 4A has a crystalline structure characterised by micro-pores of uniform 0.42 nm size.Its chemical composition can be defined as: SiO2. Al2O3. Na2 O.4- 4.5 H2O The product is insoluble in water and exhibits excellent cation sequestering properties by exchanging its sodium ions in aqueous media. In addition, it has a high organic liquid absorption capacity.
  • Detergent industry:
4A Zeolite is used as non-phosphorus additive in detergent, substitutefor STTP, improve the washing effect; 4A Zeolite as Surfactant carrier can also be as forming agent in soap, and friction agents in toothpaste, it can reduce the production cost.
  • Plastic-PVC industry
4A Zeolite has a certain alkaline and has many internal structure, so it can neutralize and adsorb free hydrogen chloride in PVC, it can play a role in preventing the aging of PVC, when 4A zeolite and calcium zinc heat stabilizer are used by collocation. 4A Zeolite can not only play the role of heat stabilizer, but also reduce the production cost of calcium zinc heat stabilizer.
  • Rubber Industry
4A Zeolite has adsorption and it is added to the rubber, which can absorb the peculiar smell in the rubber.
4A zeolite is added to the rubber and it can improve the thermal stability of rubber, and play a role of heat insulation and flame retardant.
4A zeolite is added to rubber, it can be neutralized with the resin acid reaction, the curing reaction activity, can cause the formulation of the foam pore size becomes small.

Product Specification

Item Detergent grade
Calcium exchange rate , % ≥ 310
≤ 10 μm, % Particle Size ≤ 1
≤ 4 μm , % ≥ 90
Memean grain size/μ ≤ 3
Ignition loss(800±10°C1h)/h ≤ 22
PH value (1% 25°C) ≤ 11
Residue 325mesh ≤ 1
Whiteness ≥96

Package &Loading: 25Kgs/40Kgs bag, jumbo bags.