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SLS K-12

Basic Information

HS code:29209010
Appearance: white powder , needle

Descriptions & Applications

K12 is the white or yellowish powder(grain), soluble in water. It has perfect cleaning, emulsifying and foaming ability, with affluent and longstanding foam, innocuity and good biodegradation. Compounded with LAS in a proportion of 1:3, it is used as the detergent for heavy dirty to wash carpet, dishware and hard surface. By adding other types of additive, its irritation activity will be ameliorated, degreasing power reduced, hand feeling enhanced. It is widely used in shampoo, bubble bath, hand cleaner, and the lather agent of toothpaste, cream or powder shampoo. In the other industries fields, it can be used as emulsifier, fire retardant, auxiliary agent of textile, and plating additive, etc.

Product Specification

Item Standard
Active Matter, % ≥ 92
Sodium sulfate, % ≤ 5.0
Unsulfated matter, % ≤ 2.0
pH value (1% a. m.) 7.0-9.0
Color, Hazen (5% a. m.) ≤ 10
Water content, % ≤ 3.0

Package &Loading
200kg(n.w.) per plastic drum.